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At Architech Digital, we don’t just manage ads; we drive results. Whether it’s Google Ads, social media, display, or YouTube, our team is committed to your success. Let’s create a digital strategy that propels your business forward.

Paid Search: Beyond Keywords and Ad Copy


Paid search is our bread and butter. We don’t just focus on keywords and ad copy; we take a holistic approach. Here’s what our paid search team does:

  1. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing): We manage both platforms, ensuring your ads reach the right audiences.
  2. Audience Targeting: We pinpoint specific audiences to drive business results.
  3. Landing Page Optimization + Testing: We optimize landing pages for maximum conversions.
  4. Google Analytics + Google Ads Integration: We connect the dots between data and performance.
  5. Reporting through Google Data Studio: Transparency is key—we keep you informed.

Paid Social: Targeting the Right Audiences

Social media advertising is a powerful tool. Our expert team crafts comprehensive paid social strategies across various platforms:

  1. Facebook: Reach your audience where they spend time.
  2. LinkedIn: Connect with professionals and decision-makers.
  3. Twitter: Engage in real-time conversations.
  4. Instagram: Showcase your brand visually.
  5. Pinterest: Tap into visual discovery.
  6. YouTube: Leverage video ads for maximum impact.

Display Advertising: Be Where Your Prospects Are

Being visible throughout your customers’ journey matters. Our display advertising services cover:

  1. Comprehensive Programmatic Advertising: We define targeted audiences and serve relevant ads across a vast network of websites.
  2. Google Display Network: Reach potential customers on websites they visit daily.
  3. Remarketing: Re-engage users who have interacted with your brand.

Our programmatic algorithms ensure effective placements without manual interventions, saving resources and budget.

YouTube Advertising: Unleash the Power of Video

YouTube Advertising offers unlimited reach and precise targeting. Our approach:

  1. Display Ads: Capture attention with visual ads.
  2. Overlay Ads: Enhance user experience.
  3. Skippable / Non-Skippable Ads: Tailor your message.
  4. Discovery Ads: Drive engagement.
  5. Bumper Ads: Make a lasting impression.

We align YouTube Advertising with your business goals, ensuring a high return on ad spend (RoAS).

Learn more about our services on our website: Architech Digital Services.


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